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Moira Necklace

Moira Necklace

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Introducing the exquisite Moira Necklace – a harmonious blend of Indian tradition and Western elegance. This captivating piece seamlessly fuses rich cultural influences with contemporary design, making it a unique and versatile accessory for any occasion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Moira Necklace features a stunning medley of traditional Indian elements and modern aesthetics. The intricate design showcases delicate filigree work, reminiscent of Indian craftsmanship, while incorporating sleek and sophisticated lines that resonate with Western style.


Embrace the confluence of cultures and make a lasting impression with the Moira Necklace – where the spirit of India meets the sophistication of the West, creating a jewelry piece that is as timeless as it is contemporary. Elevate your style and celebrate the beauty of diversity with this exquisite accessory.


Base Metal: The necklace is crafted from a high-quality brass metal, providing a sturdy foundation for the intricate design.
Gemstones: Vibrant and carefully selected gemstones are incorporated into the design to add a burst of color and sophistication. These gemstones may include but are not limited to, dazzling crystals, richly hued semi-precious stones, or other ornate details that complement the overall aesthetic.
Filigree Work: The necklace showcases intricate filigree work, a traditional Indian craftsmanship technique. This delicate detailing adds a unique texture and dimension to the piece, reflecting the cultural richness and artistry.

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