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Aditi Neckpiece Set

Aditi Neckpiece Set

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Discover the unparalleled elegance of the Aditi Neckpiece Set, a luxurious creation featuring the brilliant sparkle of Moissanite Polki stones. This stunning set includes a meticulously crafted necklace and matching earrings, designed to elevate any outfit with its timeless beauty.


Moissanite Polki Stones: The necklace and earrings are adorned with exquisite Moissanite Polki stones, renowned for their exceptional brilliance and fire.
Elegant Design: The Aditi Neckpiece Set boasts a sophisticated design, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.
Premium Quality: Made with high-quality materials and impeccable attention to detail, ensuring durability and a luxurious finish.


The Aditi Neckpiece Set is a true masterpiece, featuring the radiant sparkle of Moissanite Polki stones. Each stone is carefully selected for its brilliance, creating a captivating and elegant design. The necklace is complemented by matching earrings, making it a perfect set for any special occasion. Whether paired with traditional attire or modern outfits, the Aditi Neckpiece Set adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your look. With its premium craftsmanship and timeless appeal, this set is a treasured addition to any jewelry collection, promising to dazzle and delight for years to come.

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